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Viessmann Oil Boilers provide reliable, durable and efficient commercial heating for any sized building. Viessmann Oil Boilers have a sectional, triple-pass design, when combined with a high-quality heat exchanger surface ensures easy installation, economical energy consumption, high operational reliability, and a long service life. Boiler Pro has over 35 years of installing commercial boilers in Toronto, so you know we have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly remove your existing boilers and install any new Viessmann Oil Boilers

Viessmann Oil Boilers


Oil-/gas-fired sectional cast iron hot water heating boiler, with Eutectoplex triple-pass heat exchanger surface for operation with modulating water temperatures.

Rated input: 490 to 4387 MBH – 144 to 1285 kW

The Vitorond 200 boiler is a reliable, durable and efficient commercial heating solution. The boiler’s sectional, triple-pass design, combined with a special Eutectoplex heat exchanger surface ensures easy installation, economical energy consumption, high operational reliability, and a long service life.

The bottom line: fast investment recovery through maximum savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Efficient and reliable operation. Modulated boiler water temperatures help conserve energy by closely matching system output to actual demand. Viessmann system controls ensure consistent, maximum system efficiency.
  • Combustion efficiency: 85% for gas and 88% for oil.
  • Problem-free transport into difficult-to-access boiler rooms thanks to sectional construction and low weight.
  • The Fastfix system facilitates a quick and easy installation.
  • Low environmental impact thanks to low-emission combustion achieved by the boiler’s triple-pass design.
  • Problem-free cleaning access facilitated by a hinged left- or right-swing combustion chamber door providing easy access to all three flue gas passageways from the front of the boiler, reducing side clearance.
  • Comprehensive standard equipment saves valuable time in installation and sourcing of product. The supply and return header system is pre-built for left or right connections and positions components properly.
  • Consistent and reliable DHW supply through integration with Viessmann indirect-fired stainless steel domestic hot water tanks.
  • Boilers, controls, domestic hot water tanks, and heating system components are design-matched to work together. All components are compatible and are therefore quickly and easily installed.
  • Standardized LON-BUS enables easy communication with building management systems.
  • Maximum quality assurance. All components bearing the Viessmann name are designed and manufactured at company-owned production facilities.

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