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SlantFin Commercial Boilers are some of the most economical and clean ways to generate heat for your commercial building. They have the ability to significantly reduce to cost of operating your commercial building by reducing the amount you spend on monthly heating. They also run so clean and efficient that they can impressively improve the environmental footprint of your building.

slantfin commercial boilers

Jaguar High-Performance Condensing Gas Boiler | SlantFin Commercial Boilers

Fuel: Gas-Fired
System: Hot Water
Capacity: to 390,000 BTUH
Efficiency: to 96.7%

Jaguar – For large applications. The new generation modulating, condensing gas boiler is here! Better performance. Longer life.

  • Up to 96.7% efficiency
  • Cast aluminum Mono Block heat exchanger
  • 3.5:1 Modulation
  • 110,000 to 390,000 Btuh input
  • Floor standing
  • Natural gas
  • Quiet operation
  • Environmentally friendly—Low NOx
  • Built-in digital control board with outdoor reset

Compact, powerful and agile. Slant/Fin’s new Jaguar sealed combustion gas boiler purrs with performance. Operates at up to 96.7% efficiency maximizing fuel savings. Compact, lightweight for easy handling.

Advanced design aluminum heat exchanger sets a new standard for reliability. You will be proud to offer the Jaguar to your customers looking for a high efficiency, advanced technology, long lasting boiler.

Intake and exhaust pipe up to 100 feet of equivalent length pipe can be used, allows you to install boiler almost anywhere. Quick seal vent pipe connections ensure an easy positive seal. Venting is 76 mm (3″) nominal I.D. plastic venting certified to the standard for type BH gas venting systems ULC S636 or stainless steel.

This new generation design incorporates a cast aluminum heat exchanger that is
corrosion resistant. Its high thermal conductivity heats boiler water quickly.

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