Quality Residential Heating Options In Toronto And The GTA

residential heating options

Understanding how your home’s systems work isn’t the easiest thing. In fact, it can actually seem quite overwhelming in a city like Toronto and the GTA. But the most important thing to remember is to keep a level head. It’s okay to not be an expert. Most homeowners aren’t. Ideally, you just want enough information to make informed decisions. So feel free to learn more about furnaces, boilers, and heating pumps as well as what makes these quality residential heating options different from each other.    

Learn The Difference Between Your Quality Residential Heating Options

Let’s jump right into things by going over the basics of a furnace. Your furnace operates by pulling in air, heating it and then distributing that warmed air throughout the vents and ductwork in your home. This is the simple way of how a furnace heats up your home. Maintenance includes simple things like changing air filters, keeping vents clear, and dusting around the vents to help with air quality.

Another quality residential heating option would be a boiler. Boilers tend to require a bit of space – due to their larger tank. You can expect to find boilers in a basement of a home to ensure it’s away from the main areas of a home – unless they are combi-boilers.

Boilers work by taking in water, heating it to the desired temperature, then distributing it to radiators throughout your home. Combi-boilers work the same way and take up significantly less space. The downside to combi-boilers though is that they also act as the source for your home’s hot water, so if there’s an issue, you could be left without heat and hot water.

Last but not least is the heat pump. This quality residential heating option is quite efficient, subtle, and gets the job done time after time. Heat pumps are quite small, and work by pulling in air from outdoors, heating it, and distributing the warm air to the nearest room. While these are a great option, they aren’t designed to have the reach of a boiler or furnace. Instead, they are great for spot heating and cooling, commonly found in centralized areas of a home (living room).

Find The Right Quality Residential Heating Options With Novel Care

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