Is A Residential Boiler Right For You?

residential boiler

There has slowly been a revolution in basements across Toronto, the GTA and Canada. That old scary monster residential boiler that we are all accustomed to seeing in the past is slowly being phased out for shiny new ones. Old radiator systems are also being replaced and upgraded with new systems that don’t creak and wake you up at night. New boilers are compact, nicely finished, easy to use and understand and are built with efficiency in mind.

If you’ve been living with an old residential boiler for a long time it might be tempting to think your only replacement option is a forced air furnace. While there’s nothing wrong with forced air heating, the additional costs of adding a duct system to your home can really put a dent in your budget. Adding a duct system is also a very large construction project depending on the size of your home, and can even reduce the square footage of your home. In the end replacing an aging boiler with a new one is financially a smarter decision, and with new energy-efficient systems you’ll see a reduction in your monthly energy bill.

Why Replacing A Residential Boiler Makes Sense

Residential boiler systems can be easily customized to work in specific zones according to comfort. The heat from a boiler system is also much nicer than other types of heat because it’s actually heating the air and space, not blowing warm air. Moving air always feels cooler.

Dust is a big issue with forced air heating systems. A boiler system doesn’t have ductwork and doesn’t move air around your home, so allergens, dust and other airborne pollutants aren’t circulated through your home.

A residential boiler used to just heat your space, but not it has the ability to work as a water heater too. Boilers can pull double duty as a heat source and a water heater. This is a great way to save money on having to rent a water heater or replacing one that you own.

One downside to boiler systems is the lack of ductwork in relation to central air conditioning. Luckily, ductless air conditioning systems are an excellent way to cool your home. They’re energy-efficient and affordable solutions that integrate well into any home.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of your residential boiler it’s always best to have an annual inspection and maintenance done, especially if your boiler is aging. Replacing water levels in a boiler as well as many other tasks is something that should be done by professionals. One important thing to remember is that boilers don’t actually boil water, so if your boiler is actually boiling it’s time for a maintenance visit.

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