What Are My Central Heating and Boiler Replacement Options?

Central Heating Replacement

When it comes to HVAC, most people feel overwhelmed by all the technical terms behind the models available. Here is a simplified look at what is available in terms of central heating replacement options.

Heat Pumps, Boilers, And Furnaces Are Very Different

Before you can replace your current central heating system, you need to know whether you have a furnace or boiler. Knowing the difference is quite easy. A boiler means you have radiators in rooms around your home or office that produce heat. A furnace uses ductwork and vents to distribute the heat you need. Once you know what you have, it’s a bit easier to determine what your central heating replacement options are.

If you’re looking to keep the same system in place, that’s usually the least complicated. However, if cost is forcing you to look at all options, then you’ll want to consider heat pumps. They are the most cost effective for heating and cooling smaller areas (a room or 2). Not only do these systems tend to cost less than a new boiler or furnace, they also limit monthly energy bills too. You see, since they are designed to only heat or cool a given area, they require less energy to do so. Furnaces and boilers can often produce enough warm or cool air throughout an entire home, which is good if every room is being used. If not, furnaces and boilers can result in energy being wasted and higher bills each month.

Let Boiler Pro Help With Central Heating Replacement Options

Getting you to spend more money on something you don’t need should never happen, but that’s not always the case with some “professionals”. At Boiler Pro, we take pride in helping you navigate through the world of HVAC, so you get the system that makes sense for you, every time. By putting our customers first, we’ve been able to serve Toronto and the GTA for more than 30 years now, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. In fact, we’re even available 24/7, and can dispatch a technician within hours in the event of an emergency to serve you better.

From helping you with boilers and furnaces to installing a new heat pump, our dedicated technicians would be more than happy to help you. Give our team a call at 647-547-6078, and let’s find the central heating replacement option that makes sense for you.