Is A Boiler Different From A Hot Water Heater?


Knowing more about your home is a good thing, but where do you start? With blogs like this of course! Here you will learn a bit about the basics the hot water heater and boiler.

Understanding The Difference Between A Boiler And Hot Water Heater

First things first, yes a boiler is different from a hot water heater – but not that different. Like the name suggests, a hot water heater is designed to take in cold water, heat it up, and distribute it throughout the pipes to showers and faucets. They usually have a large tank that holds water and heats it accordingly. This can prove irksome to larger households since the amount of hot water is limited to how much the tank can hold. Simply put, when the tank is empty, you’ll have to wait for it to take in and heat up more water before you can enjoy a hot shower.

A boiler can look similar to a hot water tank and even provide hot water to a home. What makes them different is that they can also provide heat to a home, apartment or commercial building. A boiler takes in water and heats it to the desired temperature to distribute to showers and faucets, but also heats water and pushes it through to radiators and baseboard heaters. The water flowing through heaters in different rooms of a home or building help regulate the temperature and keep you warm in the winter. With a boiler in place, you wouldn’t need a hot water heater. However, the tanks on traditional boilers can be large enough to require plenty of space. This makes them ideal for schools, apartment buildings, etc. where they can be safely stored in a basement.

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