Winter Boiler Repair in Toronto

boiler repair in toronto

Your boiler works hard all winter to keep your family warm and comfortable when the temperature drops, and with working so hard your boiler also requires regular maintenance. Typically with boiler repair in Toronto, homeowners aren’t experienced enough or properly trained to take care of boiler maintenance tasks themselves, which is why it’s important to have a plan in place with a reputable company like Boiler Pro. However, there are many things each homeowner can do prior to or in between professional appointments.

Boiler Repair in Toronto: Homeowner Tasks

  1. Check For Leaks: One of the fastest ways a boiler loses its efficiency is when a leak goes unrepaired or unnoticed. Leaks in any area of the boiler system allow heat from steam or water to escape, which is directly wasting energy put into heating those elements for use in your home. A professional boiler technician will quickly evaluate your system, find all leaks, and effectively repair them.
  2. Be Wary of Trapped Water: If your boiler is servicing many different zones in your home then there is a chance that water can be trapped in certain lengths of piping for extended periods of time without being heated. When those areas are finally heated again the cold water that’s in those areas flows back through the boiler and can shock the unit when it comes into contact with hot boiler components. This can cause damage to your boiler and should be addressed in part of your boiler repair and maintenance plan. Companies like Boiler Pro that offer boiler repair in Toronto as one of their core services is capable of adjusting your boiler and its settings to avoid damage resulting from trapped water.
  3. Do You Have Controls In Order?: When you hire a reputable company like Boiler Pro to take care of your boiler repair in Toronto it’s important to discuss your boiler’s controls. These controls alert you and your family to any deviations in functionality that tell you if your boiler is working properly or if it requires adjusting or maintenance. Only a boiler repair technician should be called in to take care of fixing or adjusting your boiler’s controls.

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