Boiler Maintenance Part 1: What’s Wrong With My Boiler?

Boiler Maintenance

Winter is in full swing and the temperatures keep dropping in Toronto and the GTA. Now is a good time to turn on the radiator to ward off the cold. Only one problem though, it’s not doing its job! What does that mean? Is your boiler broken? Could boiler maintenance help at all? Where do I start?

Don’t panic. Just take a look below at the more common boiler problems you might be facing, and put your mind at ease.

Why Is My Boiler Making So Much Noise?

There are 2 main reasons your boiler could be making a bit of clanking, gurgling, or banging noises. First, and most simple explanation, could be that your boiler is just plain old. When people age, their bodies wear down over time resulting in sore muscles, creaky joints, and general soreness. The bad thing about getting older is that you put yourself at risk if minor things escalate into full-blown problems. Your boiler is the same way. Over time, a boiler can make some noise as air gets into the system. While some clanking every now and again might be fine at first, if left unchecked, it could become a costly problem. That’s something you don’t want when the temperature drops below freezing this winter.

The second reason for a noisy boiler could be kettling. It’s very similar to what the name suggests. Just like a kettle boiling water lets out some noise as the water boils, so to can a boiler. The simple explanation here is that lime scale might be building up, preventing water from flowing to your heat exchanger. This is mostly due to whether you have hard or soft water but is mostly chalked up to wear and tear. However, as water continues to not properly make its way to the heat exchanger, your boiler will make noise and possibly let off some steam. While at first this may not be a big deal to you, make no mistake, your boiler is working harder to heat your home. That costs you more when the bill comes in.

In both cases, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional for boiler maintenance. In the GTA and Toronto, you can’t afford to wait. Winter is a fickle one and some days can seem like spring has come early, but others can make you expect to see polar bears walking the streets.

Boiler Maintenance Professionals You Can Trust

We always encourage anyone reading this to do their diligence before hiring someone for boiler maintenance, repairs or installation. It’s important, and you don’t want just anyone from Toronto or the GTA showing up at your door. It never hurts to look for someone who is a good value as well as experienced.

At Boiler Pro, we’re confident that our 30 years of hands-on experience in boiler maintenance makes us a smart choice for any homeowner. Please, take some time to check out our site and services we provide. After all, boiler maintenance isn’t the only thing we do. If you’re looking to speed up the process, just give us a call at 647-547-6078, and we’d be happy to get started or even just answer some questions. Just don’t wait too long though. Old man winter is here and you don’t want to be left out in the cold.