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When it comes to the proper maintenance and service for your boiler it’s important to work with a professional Toronto boiler company that has experienced technicians. The boiler professionals at Boiler Pro have been providing boiler services in Toronto, York Region, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over 35 years.

Over that time we’ve worked on all makes and models of residential and commercial boilers, so when it comes to your boiler we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your boiler installation, repairs, and maintenance are done right the first time.

Seasonal Boiler Maintenance

Waiting until the cold winter months hit Toronto to have your boiler serviced could result in your boiler failing when you need it most. Boiler maintenance might not be top of mind during the warm spring, summer, and fall months, but those are the best times to ensure your boiler is working properly.

Scheduling seasonal boiler repairs and maintenance with a reputable Toronto boiler company like Boiler Pro is the best way to ensure your boiler is ready when you need it most.

Toronto Boiler Company

Commercial Boiler Repair Services

Regular maintenance of your commercial boiler is essential to the proper functioning of your building overall. Commercial boiler repair services are important to keep feedwater lines open to avoid the risk of explosion, and other damage to your boiler.

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Toronto Boiler Company

Residential Boiler Repair Services

When it comes to residential boiler repair services Boiler Pro has the knowledge and experience necessary to keep your boiler running efficiently and safely. Over our 305years of service, we’ve worked with all makes and models of residential boilers to service their heat exchangers, burners, and testing water quality.

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Toronto Boiler Company

Emergency Boiler Repair Services

Whether you operate a commercial building or are a homeowner Boiler Pro is here for you 24/7. Don’t spend a cold winter night huddled under blankets. Contact our emergency boiler repair services hotline for fast and friendly service.

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